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August 20, 2012
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ACD: Antonio Cortes by ClickMist ACD: Antonio Cortes by ClickMist

Bigger Ref: [link]
▫ Name: Antonio "Neo" Cortes
▫ Age: 25
▫ DOB: April 3rd, 1487
▫ Gender: Male
▫ Height: 6'4
▫ Birthplace: Valencia, Spain
▫ Rank: Recruit
▫ Stats:
HP: 4
STR: 8
AGI: 2

▫ Equipment:
Training sword

▫ Storage:

▫ Current Florins: 0
▫ Total Florins: 0

▫ Likes: Tomatos, socializing, pasta, attention from girls, being the star of the show, making others laugh, birds, dancing (any type)

▫ Dislikes: Showing/seeing disrespect of any kind to anybody (especially towards girls), being called "Antonio", scorpions, mention of family, a certain doctor, rain

▫ Personality:
Semi-Gentleman: He knows how to be respectful (especially for his senoritas) like opening doors and pulling chairs for girls people. Usually he does this to get smiles out of the chicas, and maybe a wink or two from them. Towards guys.... well, he just likes to mess and play around with them.

Child at Heart: He can get overly excited or happy at the smallest things (like getting some pastas or seeing a bird) and is easily angered as well. Does not take tauntings very well. But when push comes to shove, he knows how to be serious and control his temper. Very playful as well-- good with children.

Stubborn Ass: When he wants something, he wants it now. And he'll do anything it takes to do it. If he wants to know your secret, he will bother you to no end to figure it out. If he wants to talk to that girl he'll get to her no matter whose in the way. If he wants you to come with him on some kind of mission/journey/adventure, why are you even fighting. And when he says no, it's a NO. He can draw the line sometimes but won't know that he did-- he'll back off if you tell him to stop, but...

Curiosity Killed the Cat:... after a while, he's going to start bothering you again until you tell him whatever he wanted to know. Be ready to face him again in the near future. Because of his curiosity he often made friends and figured out alot of valuable information.

▫ Biography:

He was born in Valenica, but was raised in the city of Venice. His parents, Monica and Calixto Cortes, were wealthy merchants that lived a more privileged life than the rest. Neo and his sister, Isabella, were always well off and never had much difficulty in life, although Bella was always a sickly child, and did not go out to play that often.

At the age of 15, Neo discovered that his father was part of the brotherhood and confronted him about it. Although hesitant at first, he finally gave in and told him about the life of the assassin and why he would go on such long trips away from home. This was also the start of Neo's training. Bella, on the other hand, was not allowed to partake in any strainous activity under the strict order of their doctor: their mom. But she started studying under her mother's wing and learned everything about medicine, antaomy&physiology, medical tools, etc.

A few years later, Neo was returning from his trip to a family's friend outside the country. It was nearly 9 months since he had left and couldn't wait to see his family again. But upon his return, all he saw was people crowding around his burning home. Everything slowed for him; the screams faded away, his vision narrowed on his home. This can't be happening. Without a second thought he bursted and desperately starts searching for his family. He headed straight to their parent's room in hopes that they have escaped the fire-- but instead were found dead on the floor side by side of each other. And standing over their body... was his sister. Her hands were bloody and she was holding a scalpel-- to this day, he still did not know what truly happened. But all he knows is that one moment he was staring at his sister, and the next she was pinning him against the wall with surprising overwhelming strength and the insanity in her eyes as she harshly shoved the scalpel on his neck. In a strained, raspy whisper she says:

"Mata a los asesinos"

Then it was all a blur. He ended up waking up in someone else's home-- A German merchant's. A boy about the age of 7 was looking at him from the side with a big smile. His name was Dietz Ulric. He had been out for about 3 days thanks to the unknown drug that was in his system. He stayed under the care of the Ulrics for about a month, but already he could tell that his parents were almost never home and Dietz and his brother was always by themselves. Both were overjoyed when Neo stayed awhile to keep the boys company, but one night he decided it was time for him to leave. But before he did Dietz had caught up to him, with all his things packed-- Neo said no at first, but it was obvious that the boy needed an escape. At the mention of his brother, Dietz just shook his head and refused to talk about it. And with that, Neo took Dietz under his wing.

▫ Characteristics:
-Has short spikey, tan/blonde hair, slight tanned skin, and blue eyes
-Slower than most assassins, but his strength is formidable
-He cannot aim worth shit-- don't hand him a gun or crossbow, chances are he'll take out one of his own on accident

▫ Family:
Calixto Domingo Rafael Cortes (deceased)|45|Father|Spanish
Monica Josefina Rodriguez Cortes (deceased)|42|Mother|Spanish
Isabella "Bella" Cortes (unknown)|29|Sister|Spanish
Dietz Xavier Ulric|12|Adopted brother|German

▫ Additional Info
-Unoffically adopted Dietz as his brother
-Hates to be called "Antonio"-- prefers "Neo"
-Owns a pet hawk named Diego. Mostly brown with speckles of cream white feather-- it's a bit of a fiesty one, even to Neo and Dietz (though is more tolerant and not as mean towards them). But it can be nice if you bribe it with its favorite food: rabbit.
-He may be slow, but one punch from could knock the wind out of you. Literally.
-Has a Spanish accent and will mix in some Spanish words in sentences.
-Hates to show off his forehead-- thus the headband.

Will add more info as time passes!
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