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August 19, 2012
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Goetia: Ryvia by ClickMist Goetia: Ryvia by ClickMist
Goetia App
((I know that the name on app and bio is wrong-- I made a mistake on the app and will fix later))

◊ Name: Ryvia
◊ Age: 423
◊ Gender: Female
◊ Height: 6'3
◊ Kingdom: Gula
◊ Element: Dark
◊ Rank: Lesser
◊ Occupation:Assassin
◊ Abilities: 

Shadow Sprint: She is able to "melt" into the shadows and travel great distances with incredible speed and time, or to sneak into a building. This exhausts her energy-- she can only use this 4  times per day before she passes out.

Monkey see, monkey do Not only is she agile and physically strong, she has this habit of analyzing her opponent's movement and incorporating it into her fighting style and assassinations when needed. Because of this she has a wide knowledge of several different types of fighting styles. Not to mention she can certainley make her way though the heavy,chaotic jungle with ease and speed.

◊ Personality:

Bad Girl with a Heart of Gold
  Although Ryvia can seem rather rude and cold at times, she actually does mean well. She's the type of person that'll curse you out, and possibly beat you up, but give money to the poor and taking care of the younger ones. She only kills for assassinations, but never for fun or for the hell of it. 

Short Temper
   She may not be easily offended, but she most certainly is easily irritated. Ryvia is known for her snappiness and exploding moments at people she considers idiotic, which are quite few people. She also has absolutely zero tolerance for bullies, so bullies beware!

  Ryvia has been able to take care of herself and younger brother for the past 300 years, and she still can. She does not like being in debt to others, and if possible, will reject any help offered though she will be grateful that they did.

Hidden Kindness
   Because of her job, openly showing kindness is a form of weakness for someone of her occupation and has a rather hard time showing it directly. When she tries to be nice she might show it in a rather odd way like punching someone, or a present mysteriously showing up at your door step from an anonymous. 

Forgive but Never Forget:
   If someone really crosses Ryvia, then they might as well never look at her again. She holds grudges against people, even if she does forgive them in the end. You can never fully have her trust back if you ever backstab her and will always be suspicious and cautious. However, if you've ever done a good deed to her, she'll never forget and will hold you in high regards. She may not always accept help from others, but when she does she will go through great lengths to pay you back. 

◊ History: R

Ryvia and her brother, Azar, were both abandoned by their parents at a rather young age. Alone she had to support herself and her brother some way somehow. At first she pick pocketed, stealing enough money to buy food and other essentials-- through this she learned to be fast and silent, always making sure she can outrun the person she's stealing from. The shadows became her ally, granting her invisibility from the naked eye. About a century later, she started stealing from vendors-- jewelry, food, money, clothing-- and she was quite good at it too. Although her stealth has greatly increased, she didn't have to be sure if she were to get caught or not, she just has to beat security to a bloody pulp. Over time, she trained herself to become more powerful and realized the more food she ate, the more impact she deals with her attack. After a while, a mysterious person came up to her and offered her a contract, telling her that her skills were wasted on simple thievery.  The sum of money were enormous-- enough to go by a year of doing nothing, and she only had to do one thing: kill. At first she was hesitant, but the reward was too great to turn away. Let's just say this was the start of her assassination career.

However, somewhere along her life as an assassin she fell in love with a human named Drucerius. As much as she knew it was forbidden with heavy consequences.. she couldn't help it. Even to demons, love can make one do crazy, stupid things. And so, in secret, they had an affair. And because of her skills as an assassin she knew how to cover her trails well and professionally. But once she became pregnant, her lover mysteriously disappeared. It was almost as if he didn't exist anymore-- scared for her life, she went into hiding for months. When her baby girl was born, she had to go give it up or else both her baby and her life were in danger. She set her daughter into a basket in front of a human's door, who knew that the couple living in there were good people, with a note that said "Raine". Forcing herself to tear away, she ran without ever looking back.

◊ Likes / dislikes:
  Likes: Food, jewelry, winning, children
  Dislike: Bullies, unnecessary violence, water, being dependent

◊ Additional Information: 
-For some unknown reason her body/mana eats up alot of energy, which is why Ryvia must eat so often. If she went a day without eating, she could potentially starve to death.
-She is able to see clearly in the dark
-Although she is tougher than the average human, her defense is pretty low
-Has a brother named Azar
-Has an elephant named Gumba
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