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May 11, 2012
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PoP: Nilla by ClickMist PoP: Nilla by ClickMist

Nilla--Sheep Hybrid--Bakery Helpers/Cooks

Alternate job: Library Helpers

:bulletorange:Age: 20
:bulletorange:Birthday: Summer 3
:bulletorange:Magic: Wind--Whirlwind

:bulletwhite:Marriage Item:
♡Strawberry Parfait

"...! I can't believe that you actually.... Are you really... yes... yes yes yes! A thousand times yes! I'm yours to take ♡"

:bulletwhite:Loved Gifts:
❤Strawberry Jam
❤Rice Cake Ball
❤4-Leaf Clover

"For... For me? Really? Thank you so much! It's really thoughtful of you! I-I mean thanks I guess... "

:bulletwhite:Liked Gifts:
♫Moon Drop
♫Cherry Grass
♫Relax Tea
♫Bird Wing

"You're so kind-- thank you for this"

:bulletwhite:Disliked Gifts:
❋Pineapple Juice
❋Fried Veggies
❋Fish Fossil

"I.... do not see the purpose for bringing these..."

:bulletwhite:Hated Gifts:
✖Devil Horn
✖Scorpion Tail
✖Cursed Ring

"I.... cannot believe you have the /audacity/ to bring those... those THINGS here."

:bulletorange:Personality: She's a kind and gentle soul --although she's a bit gullible and overly energetic--, but she tries to put up a tough front (for her family). A big emphasis on the "tries". Sometimes her optimistic, curious side of her personality overshadows the "Ms. Toughnut" character she tries to act, but once she realizes her mistake Nilla sputters and stutters like no other. Another thing about her is that alot of things frighten her: the dark, thunder, blood, spiders, rushing water-- just alot of things, but she'll face them head on!.... as long as she can drag someone along with her and as long as she'll get some kind of money from it. All in all she's slow, determind, optimistic, curious, sensitive, and, in a way, childish. Not to mention she has a one tracked mind.

Oh-- and she's brutally honest. Ever since she's gotten in trouble for lying when she was younger, she tries to be as honest with her feelings and actions as possible. So that means her words are often reliable and tries not to make any empty promises. That also means she expects the same for others, but it's naive to think people won't do it. If there's something she doesn't want people to know, then she'll avoid and/or shut her mouth for the rest of eternity.

:bulletorange:History: Nilla's life wasn't exactly the easiest, but it wasn't the hardest either. Nilla is an adopted child in a family of four, but she loves as if they were her own flesh and blood. Her mother and father worked as farmers and Nilla would help around the house by cooking and cleaning and taking care of her two younger sisters, Carrie and Blanche, since she was about 13. Seeing how their parents were farmers, money was sometimes an issue, but they always seem to be able to put food on the table thanks to some of the crops they produce. But now the mother is too old to do any proper work and the father is plagued with an illness that he just can't seem to shake off. So now the burden of responsibility falls onto Nilla, thus developing a reason to become "tough" so she could instill confidence in her two worried younger sisters... and herself. She hopes that by acting tough she could somehow make other people think she's not one to be trifled with, and hopefully scare her future employer for a bigger paycheck. It's a longshot, but hey, it's worth trying. And by working in a bakery, she could always bring her family back some bread the bakery was planning to throw out anyway.

:bulletorange:Additional Info:
-Doesn't like it when people touch her ears-- she finds that too intimate for casual touching.
-She's 5'5
-Wears the hat when she's in the bakery to keep her hair out of the way
-Wary of strangers, but still talkative and optimistic (even when she tries to act all tough)
-Baa's when frighten
-Doesn't cuss-- instead she'll say rather weird words like "Flipper cakes!"
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